Named spaces in the Krueger Center for Science and Mathematics

(200) Lang Amphitheater—a 126-seat high-tech lecture space, is named for Jerome ’65 and Ramona Larsen (’65) Lang, longtime Lincoln business owners, whose lead gift was in addition to their support for many other Union College projects—including driving his private coach bus half-a-million miles over 46 years to transport school groups for academic and extra-curricular events.
(201) Terrace—with appreciation to Pinnacle Bank
(219) Herber Hall of Recognition—with appreciation to Dr. Leo and Claudine Herber and Drs. Ray and Marilyn Herber
(221) DeCamp Reception Commons—includes a welcoming lobby as well as offices for the division chair, office assistant, faculty/staff lounge and workroom in the Krueger Center, is named for Cary ’85 and Pamela Gilbert ’86 DeCamp, Kansas City business owners whose mid-campaign gift gave a significant boost to the campaign.
(230) Union Bank Classroom—another flexible classroom and lecture space, will be named for the bank right across the street owned by the Dunlap family, longtime supporters of Union College who were among the first donors to the project.
(232) Demonstration Prep area—with appreciation to Derald and Shirley Goetz
(233) Chemistry Suite lab—acknowledging the support of Adventist Health System’s Rocky Mountain Region and Shawnee Mission Health, the Adventist hospitals in the Denver and Kansas City areas that lent significant support to the building project.
(233A) Balance Room—in memory of Edwin J. Elvins, Information Systems from 1966-1975
(235) Student employee work area—in honor of Dr. Ward Hill, professor and administrator from 1971-1991
(240) Mathematics classroom—with appreciation to Margaret L. Seacrest, Mark L. and Margorie Seacrest, and the Mark T. and Margaret L. Seacrest Family Foundation
(242) Seminar room—with appreciation to Ken and DeAnna Bacon
(243) Chemistry Suite lab—recognizing Dr. Rènè Evard, professor of chemistry from 1958 to 1971. A group of his students have contributed collectively to leave a legacy in memory of 
(244) Faculty office—with appreciation to Dr. Merlin and Chere Wehling
(245) Chemistry stockroom—in memory of Bob and Wanda Bell
(246) Faculty office—with appreciation to Dr. Andrew Boskind
(248) Faculty office—with appreciation to Bruce and Graciela Bacon
(249) Chemistry research lab—in memory of Dr. Charles Freidline with appreciation to Jeff and Shelly Peterson
(250) Faculty office—with appreciation to Dr. Jay and Andrea Miller
(251) Advanced chemistry lab—with appreciation to Mardian and Joan Blair
(252) Chemistry research lab—with appreciation to Dean and Trudy Johnson
(253) Advanced instrumentation—with appreciation to Roy Haines and Susan Reiswig-Haines
(255) Chemistry research lab—with appreciation to Loma Linda University Health
(101) Cellular research lab—in memory of Dr. Glenn and Helen Wiltse
(109) Seminar room—with appreciation to Abel Foundation
(119) Study area—with appreciation to Assurity Life Insurance Company
(123) Engineering classroom—with appreciation to Harold and Betty Koch and family
(130) Mid-America Union Conference Classroom—one of the flexible classroom spaces in the Krueger Center—is named in honor of the Mid-America Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Union College’s parent organization, which has also helped fund numerous campus infrastructure improvements and renovations.
(132) Office—with appreciation to Drs. David and Janna Chacko
(133) Physics classroom—in memory of David Show, professor of physics from 1978-2002
(134) Faculty office—in honor of LaVern and Dorothy Huenergardt
(135) General biology classroom—with appreciation to Dr. Dalrie and Joan Berg
(136) Faculty office —with appreciation to to the Reid-Lockhart families
(138) Faculty office—with appreciation to Dr. Dennis and Jolene Lang Hilliard
(140) Faculty office—with appreciation to Jim and Darleen Boyle
(142) Faculty office—with appreciation to 
Dr. James and Beth Wells Carlson
(143) Biology stockroom—in memory of Gilbert McMillen, professor of biology from 1967-1991
(145) Advanced biology lab—with appreciation to Kent and Sara Thompson
(146) Study area—with appreciation to Dr. Lowell and Elaine Hagele
(147) Biology research—in memory of Mary Kay Humann Christensen by Tammy Christensen Morris
(149) Biology research—with appreciation to Rick and Valeree Krueger
(150) Study area—with appreciation to Jerome and Jane Thayer
(151) Microbiology lab—with appreciation to Rich and Lynnet Reiner
(152) Biology research—in memory of Dr. Bernard and Eunice Owen
(153) Advanced anatomy—in honor of professors of biology Barbara Goyne from 1976-1988; and Walter Page from 1948-1980
(155) Student employee work area—with appreciation to Jack and Edna Harris
(157) Anatomy and physiology—with appreciation to ForeSight member estate gifts