Students need your unused Adventist study books

“I know there are many people downsizing or reorganizing their libraries,” said Rich Carlson, vice president for Spiritual Life. “Sometimes they don’t know what to do with the large concordances or Ellen White collections. My dream is to connect them with students who need those books for ministry.”
Carlson is encouraging anyone with extra sets of Adventist concordances or Ellen White books to pass them on to Campus Ministries to distribute to students. “These books are practically essential for theology majors or others entering ministry, but can cost hundreds of dollars to buy new,” he said. “It’s like passing on our Adventist heritage.”
Anyone can donate their old concordances or used Ellen White sets to students through Carlson and the Campus Ministries team. “I’ve already handed out three sets just by word of mouth, and have about eight students on the waiting list,” he said. “You can get many of them on your phone or other electronic device, but when you’re studying, there’s something about holding it in your hand.”
Alumni or friends of the college can give their copies to the college at any time or bring them for Homecoming weekend. “I have have seen interest on the part of the students, and I’m guessing there are many resources on the part of the alumni,” said Carlson. “So if you’re coming to alumni weekend, just bring them along with you.”