Campion men and College View women win 2014 basketball tournament

The Campion Academy Cougar men from Loveland, Colo., won the 2014 Union College Invitational Basketball Tournament by edging out the Maplewood Huskies from Hutchinson, Minn., in the championship game by a score of 58-45.

In the women's bracket, the College View Academy Eagles from Lincoln, Neb., defeated the Sunnydale Spartans from Centralia, Mo., 32-28 to take the title.

The annual basketball tournament, hosted by Union College, featured men's and women's teams from nine Seventh-day Adventist high schools across the Midwest. Each team participated in a round-robin tournament on Wednesday through Friday, followed by a single-elimination championship tournament on Saturday night and Sunday.

Keep watching the Union College website and Facebook page for photos from the weekend events. To see all the scores and watch games, check out the 2014 tournament page.

As part of the tournament, Union College handled out several individual and team awards based on participation and tournament play in addition to awards for a free throw and three point contest.


Women’s First Team Awards

Rachel Hammond Campion Academy
Makayla Sanchez Campion Academy
Stacy Adams College View Academy
Ashton Lair College View Academy
Jody Schumacher Dakota Adventist Academy
Sarai Rodriguez Midland Adventist Academy
Camille Darrell Midland Adventist Academy
Jina Kim Mile High Academy
Allison McCarthy Maplewood Academy
Kayla Randolph Sunnydale Adventist Academy
Monica Niyiroro Sunnydale Adventist Academy
Michaela Wilson Wisconsin Academy


Women’s Second Team Awards

Devan Sicher Campion Academy
Suzie Abucayon College View Academy
Mindy Schumacher Dakota Adventist Academy
Stephanie Schumacher Dakota Adventist Academy
Jewel Janke Midland Adventist Academy
Keilah Harris Mile High Academy
Jenni Vigil Maplewood Academy
Jessica Cevollas Maplewood Academy
Elizabeth Ikpeama Sunnydale Adventist Academy
Keturah Wilkinson Wisconsin Academy
Kaylyn Bernhardt Mile High Academy
Kimberly Rodriguez Wisconsin Academy


Men’s First Team Awards

Blake Agy Battle Creek Academy
Ryan Rushold Campion Academy
Derrick Nipper Campion Academy
James Dickerson  College View Academy
JD Needles College View Academy
Julius Ellis Dakota Adventist Academy
Tanner Finnegan Midland Adventist Academy
Brett Trana Midland Adventist Academy
James Harris Mile High Academy
Nicholas Morrison Maplewood Academy
Austin Parsons Maplewood Academy
Jimmy Gilley Sunnydale Adventist Academy
Michael Coridan Sunnydale Adventist Academy
Vincent Liu Wisconsin Academy


Men’s Second Team Awards

Jake Essex Battle Creek Academy
Duke Essex Battle Creek Academy
Kyler Stock Campion Academy
Jonathan Deemer College View Academy
Jason Woll Dakota Adventist Academy
Brennan Nelson Midland Adventist Academy
Tyler Dean Mile High Academy
Aaron Martinez Mile High Academy
Dylan Parsons Maplewood Academy
Libny Dubreuze Dakota Adventist Academy
Patrick Quigley Sunnydale Adventist Academy
Jacob Crockett Wisconsin Academy
Isaiah Hiles Wisonsin Academy


Women’s Free Throw Contest

1 Suzie Abucayon College View Academy
2 Georgia Russell Sunnydale Adventist Academy
3 Rachel  Hammond Campion Academy


Women’s Three Point Contest

1 Ashton Lair College View Academy
2 Kayla Randolph Sunnydale Adventist Academy
3 Elizabeth Hansen Mile High Academy


Men’s Free Throw Contest

1 Jimmy Gilley Sunnydale Adventist Academy
2 Austin Parsons Maplewood Academy
3 Brett Trana Midland Adventist Academy


Men’s Three Point Contest

1 Nicholas Morrison Maplewood Academy
2 Patrick Quigley Sunnydale Adentist Academy
3 Kyler Stock Campion Academy