Beccai to speak for first "Family Worship" of the year

Pastor Andreas Beccai will kick off the 2014-15 schedule of Friday evening “Family Worship” services tonight at 7:30 p.m. in the sanctuary of the College View Church.

Beccai is the youth pastor at Green Lake Church, a Seventh-day Adventist community in Seattle, Wash. Although he speaks with a British lilt, his roots reach back to Accra, Ghana, the land of his birth. Living much of his life in countries where he is an ethnic minority, he has developed a passion for helping youth forge diverse networks of relationships.

“To be fair, I have dealt with my share of woefully ignorant people who have asked if I know their African friend in another country, or who have asked me if I speak ‘African’. It is annoying, it is ignorant, but there is no malice in their questions,” says Beccai in a blog entry titled “It’s Only a Joke.”

Perhaps it is poorly worded inquiries like these that have inspired Beccai to choose verbs as his theme for this vespers talk.

“A Christian who believes to the core of his being that ‘love thy neighbor as thy self’ reflects the heart of God, and restores in man the broken image of God,” he said. Beccai admittedly sometimes finds himself upset by what may be classified by Chimamanda Adichie as “single stories” (essentially stereotypes) and severely puzzled by how fellow Christians could demonstrate such insensitivity.

“If they [young church-goers] intentionally and systematically segregate themselves to the exclusion of others, that is a problem,” he wrote. “So please, if you are a young person who is drifting from church to church, looking for the congregation that lays out the red carpet for you and where every family and group invites you home for lunch – good for you, keep looking.”

He continues in his blog post “Friends in Church. Do or Die,” with the warning, “…but the day will come where you have to mourn for your dead expectations of homogenous friendship groups. Unless  you intentionally set out to make friends, connect, and attach you will be continually disappointed by your 11 a.m. Sabbath experience.”

With experience comes wisdom, and with a devotion to a Christ-centered lifestyle and a passion for youth, Beccai turns his own pains into lessons for future generations. “He’s a great speaker and he caught the vision for this year’s family worship,” explained Jessyka Albert, a junior Theology student involved with Campus Ministires at Union College.

Beccai now lives in Washington with his wife Cassandre and daughter Eden. Beccai and his wife met while pursuing master’s degrees at Andrews Theological Seminary. They married in 2011.

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