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Social work in South America

Susy Gomez’s heart broke as she listened to the new college student share his story. The young Peruvian engineering student had excellent grades and a full scholarship, but between him and his mother, a disabled woman who tried to feed the family by selling barbecue, they could not raise the $100 for additional school expenses like supplies.

New associate dean of students aims to digitally connect campus

For many college students, email is a relic from the ancient past and has gone the way of dinosaurs, the typewriter and landline telephones. Now in an effort to more effectively communicate with students, Union College has built a new social media network on campus to create an electronic community as vibrant and diverse as Union’s real-life campus.

Union hosts more than 600 gymnasts for Acrofest 2015

(Published in CORDmagazine Winter 15/16)

H undreds of gymnasts from Seventh-day Adventist colleges and high schools from across North America gathered at Union College in November for Acrofest 2015, an event packed with clinics, training, demonstrations and spiritual lessons.

Editorial: I got a great deal on an education

Editorial for CORDmagazine Winter 15/16

I can’t tell you why I chose Union College. When I made the decision in summer 2011, I shocked myself and my family. Looking back, I see no logical reason to choose Union. I was not a Seventh-day Adventist. None of my friends had ever heard of Union College, and I wasn’t even sure what I wanted to study.

Called to fight for refugees

(This story was updated for CORDmagazine winter 2015/16 edition.)

Most westerners watch with horror or disdain at the warring countries around the globe—maybe even feeling sorry for the victims of power-hungry dictators or religious fanatics, but thankful to stay as far away from the fighting as possible.

But for Andrew ’12 and Kelila O’Brien ’13 Saunders, both Union College international rescue and relief graduates, helping the victims of these conflicts is right where they want to be.

Building an exit strategy

Frank (’39) and Evelyn Roll ’41 Rice had a problem—their business was too successful.

After a lifetime of building their forklift sales and service business, Rice Equipment Company, in St. Louis, Mo., Frank and Evelyn looked forward to retirement. Over the years, their company had diligently saved profits and accumulated a nice sum of retained earnings. While this may be an enviable problem to have, if Frank and Evelyn took those retained earnings they would have had a substantial tax bill to pay. They needed to develop an exit strategy.


For Cid Coto ’14, the digital world isn’t just about ones and zeros, or servers, networks and hardware. As Union College’s first computer major to graduate with the new web design emphasis, he understands that when it comes to computers, form is just as important as function.

Union graduate finds dream job with BNSF Railroad

At first, there is only the plaintive echoing cry of the whistle. Then a faint shudder begins underfoot. Soon the engine chugs into view, a plume of smudge gray smoke unfurling like a diaphanous ribbon from its chimney. Full of nostalgia and history, trains often invoke a strong link to the past. But for Jason Burke ’15, who graduated in may with a business administration degree, they represent something else as well. His future.

Every opportunity is a learning experience.

“It’s been a fun and exciting journey,” Maggard said, “and I’m very grateful to Union for the educational and experiential foundation.”

Business owners Paul and Christy Prevo use lessons from Union to run thriving early childhood education centers

Growing a business from start-up to successful requires more than luck. It takes hard work, dedication and the right education. For Paul (’94) and Christy Bales Prevo ’97, the trajectory to their current successes started more than a decade ago at Union College.

“The business division and professors had a huge impact on us and our future,” Christy says. “Union gave us a great foundation for building and running our own business.”


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