Membership in the IRR/Outdoor Club is optional, but encouraged. Various activities throughout the year provide opportunities for IRR majors to interact and get to know each other as well as other Union College students. Activities are wide and varied, but usually include a weekend retreat, climbing trip, backpacking trip, Chipotle Run, Bouldering Competition, outdoor film festivals and more! 

The $35.00 membership dues allow club members to participate in many of the planned activities without an additional charge. There will be some activities that the club will not cover the activity fee for, but a reduced rate will be offered to club members. Club members may bring guests to planned activities, but the guests will be responsible for any fee.

To join the IRR/Outdoor Club, talk to a club officer or inquire at the office of International Rescue and Relief. 

Sponsors of the IRR/Outdoor Club are faculty of the International Rescue and Relief Program. 

Faculty Sponsor 2012-2013:

Aaron Kent


Tylar Bissell--President
Josh Wahl--Vice-President
Meredith Nichols--Social Vice-President