Disaster Response Team (DiRT)

The emphasis of the IRR program is a practical one. The desire of the faculty in the program is that students who graduate from the program will exit with a wealth of practical experience. To that end, the IRR program desires, not merely to train students in technical rescue, but give them an outlet for those skills. DiRT serves as that outlet.

DiRT has responded to five disasters:

1. Hurricane Katrina-Clean Up in Mississippi
2. Lady Lakes, Florida-Tornado Relief
3. Hurricane Ike-Relief efforts in Orange County, TX
4. Haiti Earthquake-Search and Rescue and medical clinics
5. Pleasant Grove, Alabama-Tornado Relief

Prerequisites for being a member of DiRT include having finished the summer program, maintaining current CPR and EMT certifications, and maintaining training standards for your assigned squad’s schedule.

Meeting a physical standard is one of the prerequisites of being on DiRT. The standards are as follows:

1. ¼ mile swim (8 laps in Union College’s pool) in under 10 minutes.
2. 1 mile run, under 8 minutes for Women, under 7 minutes for Men.
3. Pull-ups, 5 for Women, 10 for Men.
4. Pushups, 20 for Women, 40 for Men.
5. Planks, front and both sides. Must hold one minute in each position.
scenarios. While academic credit is not given for being a member of DiRT,
the squad with the highest scores will take the First Tier response in the
event of a disaster. Students must regularly attend trainings to maintain skills.

Members are graded by these standards, as well as the times on their