Physician Assistant Studies

A PA student inspecting a patient's eyes.
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Why choose Union's program?

Come to Union, and be part of a rigorous, focused program that partners with major hospitals in Lincoln and elsewhere. Experience a staff committed to excellence and professionalism, both in health care and the classroom.

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PANCE Results

How do Union's PA program graduates' PANCE results measure up? With a mean first-time pass rate of 90%, Union's PA program has proven itself to be outstanding.

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Why be a PA?

Want to diagnose diseases, assist in surgery, prescribe medications and much more? Learn more about being a Physician Assistant, the fourth fastest growing career in the country.

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John Kerbs Society

The John Kerbs Society is a student-led PA club that seeks to support its members and give them opportunities to serve others in the community.



Union's Master of Physician Assistant Studies degree (MPAS) prepares students from diverse backgrounds for excellence in the physician assistant profession, developing their God-given abilities in harmony with the highest physical, mental, social and spiritual ideals.  

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