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Our Mission Statement

The Records Office of Union College is committed to excellence and integrity in our responsibility in maintaining all student academic records and programs of Union College.

We are commited to providing timely, accurate and friendly services to all students and faculty.

Records/Registrar (402.486.2529)

Name Title Location Extensionsort descending Email
Michelle Younkin Photo of Michelle Younkin Director of Records Dick Building 507-B 2100 miyounki@ucollege.edu
Emily Lorenz Picture of Emily Lorenz Records Assistant Dick Building 507-C 2102 emlorenz@ucollege.edu
Brittany Wren Records Associate Dick Building 507 402.486.2529 brwren@ucollege.edu
Laura Selivanoff Photo of Laura Selivanoff Records Assistant Dick Building 507 402.486.2529 laseliva@ucollege.edu