Spotlight on Cid

Picture of Cid
Casper, WY
Computer Science and Web Design

Three things I'm passionate about

  • Photography and Web design
  • Outdoor activities
  • Family and friends

What surprised me about Union

What surprised me was the strong sense of community that Unionites have both on- and off-campus.

How I make Union my school

By being involved and taking opportunites to help out and participate in events and activities.

How Union is preparing me for the future

Union is giving me a solid educational and spiritual foundation. It's giving me the skills to learn on my own and educate myself after college as well as providing me with experience through work opportunities.

Reasons to love Lincoln

Lincoln's got great parks and recreation and biking trails and an simple layout that makes it easy to navigate. It also has incredible restaurants.

You should definitely take a class from

Ben Barber and Keith Riese

My advice to new students

Get involved.