Campus Connectors History

The Campus Connectors group was originally called the Office Manager Development Group (OMDG) when it started in January 2007. The stated initial purpose of this professional development program was to provide members with a way to exchange ideas and to develop their skills and abilities.

In April 2008, President’s Council "VOTED to approve hourly pay for office managers while attending the Office Manager’s Group functions. These functions are primarily designed for professional development."

Over time the group has come to be known as Campus Connectors, based on their role in connecting and supporting the various departments and divisions across campus.


"I appreciated the opportunity to meet face-to-face with other Campus Connectors and strengthen our network. Meeting together opened the doors to mutual sharing and a sense of community; being a contributing part to overall function of the campus. Beginning with surveys and opportunities for input and following up with specific topics that address specific issues has been most beneficial. I think there was a good balance between building community and strengthening office skills." —Lynn Davis