Campus Connectors planning team

Photo of a campus connector on the phone, no doubt making plans.


  Stacy Flores -PA Program Clinical Director Assistant

  Cheri Blue -IS Office Manager, Copy Center Manager

  Lynn Davis -Union Scholars Program Assistant, Leadership Program Assistant

  Patty Moyle -Plant Service Office Manager

  Teresa Edgerton -Career Center Coordinator



  • Lynn Davis
  • Damie Elder-Hiscock
  • Stacy Flores
  • Salli Jenks
  • Patty Moyle


  • Damie Elder-Hiscock
  • Salli Jenks
  • Sharon Russell
  • Tamara Seiler
  • Amy Watson Webb
"The meeting content was great, and it was all well-done. It gives us a little time to spend with others who do what we do but we don't get to "connect" with hardly ever. It gives a feeling of "us and we" instead of just being alone in the office or in a small group in the office." —Jan Lemon