Courses: Religious Professional Training

RELP 125 Introduction to Ministry     2 

A study of the principle elements in pastoral ministry, through class discussion, observation and report writing. Fall semester.

RELP 149 Dynamic of Christian Living     3

A small group based class designed to introduce students to the inter- dynamics of personal relationships with others, the power of a relationship with God and the joys of a life of assurance in salvation. Spring semester.

RELP 175 How to Study the Bible     3 

Introduces the principles of interpreting the Bible including practical skills in using concordances, Bible dictionaries, and commentaries, instruction in how to evaluate and choose a Bible translation, and Bible study for application in personal life. Fall semester.

RELP 235 Introduction to Youth Leadership     3 

A survery of Youth Ministries, examining youth culture, the theology of youth ministry and specific skills to equip and empower students to be effective in ministry to young people. Spring semester, alternate years.

RELP 321 Biblical Preaching     3 

Prerequisite: COMM 105
A study of sermon methodology designed to train biblical preachers. Preaching skills are developed through theory, class and field experience. Emphasizes topical, narrative and expository preaching.  Spring semester.

RELP 322 Biblical Preaching      3 

Prerequisite: RELP 321
Continuation of RELP 321. Taken in conjunction with the capstone Leadership in Ministry senior year. Fall semester.

RELP 335 Youth Leadership in the SDA Church     3 

Developing an understanding of youth culture and theology of youth ministry, this course focuses on the implementation and practice of youth ministry. Its design is to better prepare those interested in life long youth ministry, both professional and volunteer.
 Spring semester, alternate years.

RELP 336 Youth Leadership Practicum     3 

Prerequisite: RELP 235, 335
Internship in Union College Campus Ministries and/or externships in a local academy, Youth Sabbath School, Pathfinder organization, summer camp, and conference office. Open only to Youth Ministry minors.

RELP 361 Church Leadership     3 

Combines a study of the theology of church leadership and on-the-job training assisting pastors in nearby churches. Taken in conjunction with RELP 321. Spring semester.

RELP 362 Church Leadership     3 

Prerequisite: RELP 361
Continuation of RELP 361. Taken in conjunction with the capstone Leadership in Ministry senior year. Fall semester.

RELP 375 Missions Internship     2 

Cross-cultural missionary service under the direction of a local supervisor and one of the religion faculty. Students prepare an internship proposal, give monthly reports while carrying out the project, and give a final report of the outcomes.

RELP 465 Personal Witnessing     3 

Designed to help students gain the knowledge and skill needed to share their faith through personal influence, conversation and Bible studies. Examines the beliefs of other churches and compares them with Adventist beliefs. Laboratory required. Fall semester.

RELP 466 Public Evangelism     3 

Prerequisite: RELP 321
Studies public evangelism practices and develops skills through the preaching, planning, conducting and follow-up of an evangelism series. Laboratory required. Spring semester.

RELP 490 Senior Seminar     1 

As part of the capstone for all Theology majors, this course gives students
the opportunity to review and report the competencies they have learned in their academic experience. Specific attention is given to résumés preparation, preparation for job interviewing, and development of a portfolio. Taken in conjunction with the capstone Leadership in Ministry senior year. Fall semester.