Van Reservations

Union College vehicles are to be used for Union College business only.

Vans are located on the west side of the parking lot between Plant Services and the Cooper Place apartments. Please leave the vehicles back in their assigned area clean and full of gas. You may submit gas receipts to the Business office (DB 506). Write the name of the person to be reimbursed on the receipt (students will need to have a faculty/staff member sign the receipts as well).

If there are vehicles available, faculty/staff will receive a confirmation invite through Outlook. If there are no vehicles available, you will be contacted by the Business Office. Please note that the dates/times listed on your reservation are the actual times of your reservation. Please do not pick up the van before the date/time listed, and please be punctual in returning the van by the date/time specified. 

If you need to reserve the Campus Ministries truck or to reserve a trailer, please email Salli Jenks at sajenks [at] ucollege [dot] edu.

If you need to change a current reservation, please e-mail sajenks [at] ucollege [dot] edu with the date of the original reservation and what you need to change.

Use if a student is making a reservation for an employee
Who will be driving the van?
Please enter the account number WITHOUT ANY DASHES. Only numbers can be entered. Make sure this is your actual account number.
City, State
Anything else that should be known