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Fall Admission
Deadline: March 1

Spring Admission
Deadline: October 1

The Union College Nursing Program admits a new nursing class of approximately 24 students each semester. LPN-BSN and RN-BSN students are admitted on a space available basis. Only complete and verified applications are reviewed by the Admissions and Academic Evaluation Committee (AAEC) and considered for admission. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the application and all supplemental requirements have been received and completed by the published deadline.  Applicants will receive an official letter from the AAEC when the admission class is selected. 

If you have questions regarding the admission and application process for our nursing program, the first step is to read through the information provided here. We provide detailed instructions of our admission requirements and application process. To aid you in deciding whether or not you are ready to apply to the Union College Nursing Program, please consult the Decision Map.


Eligibility to Apply 

1. Minimum GPA

Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 (on a 4.0 scale) for all coursework.

2. Prerequisites

In progress or completion of required prerequisite courses with a grade of "C" or above: 

  • Anatomy and Physiology I (includes a lab)
  • Anatomy and Physiology II (includes a lab)
  • Introduction to Inorganic, Organic and Biochemistry for Nursing (includes a lab)
  • Microbiology (includes a lab)
  • College Writing II
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Elementary Statistics

Chemistry and College Writing II prerequisites must have been taken within the last 5 years.  The other prerequisites must have been taken within the last 10 years.

3. Test of English as a Foreign Language

A TOEFL is requireed for students whose native language is other than English.  Regardless of prior college course creidt, the applicant must acheive an Internet score of 92 or a score of 580 on the Union College administered TOELF (not including essay portion.)

Application Process

1. Test of Essential Academic Skills** 

This four-part assessment consists of subtests in Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English with a total testing time of 3 hours and 29 minutes, not including any breaks.  The cost for the TEAS is $40.00 each time you take it.  You will pay for this exam by credit or debit card at the time you take the exam.  You may take the exam up to 3 times per admission cycle, and the AAEC considers your highest score.  You must achieve an adjusted indiviual score of 64 for the AAEC to consider your application.  You may purchase a study package for the TEAS V  from or a college bookstore. 

  • If you have a score for this exam and it has been taken within the last year, please contact to request a score report be sent to Union College, Division of Nursing, 3800 S. 48th Street, Lincoln, NE 68506 OR faxed to 402.486.2582 Attn: Program Development and Enrollment Counselor. 
  • If you have not taken the TEAS, you can arrange an appointment to take it on our campus by calling 402.486.2674 or at a remote location by visiting and clicking on “Register for TEAS with PSI.”

**fee paid for by student

2. NursingCAS Application

Completion of NursingCAS application  Follow these detailed instructions

3. Additional Forms

Policies:  Please print, sign, and mail the following forms to the address listed on the bottom of each form:  Campus Security Statement, Student Life Agreement, Housing Policy

Nursing Program Director Recommendation Form:  If you are a transfer nursing student, LPN, or RN applying to our program, you must have this form completed by your previous nursing program director.  

4. Interview

A personal interview with the program director or members of the Admissions and Academic Evaluation Committee (AAEC) may be required. 

For more information regarding our admission process, please reference our admission policy.


Following Admission to the Union College Nursing Program

1. Confirmation Fee

Following receipt of an acceptance letter from the Union College Division of Nursing, students must notify the program of their intent to begin the Nursing Program within two weeks of the date of the acceptance letter. A confirmation fee of $250 must be paid to the Division of Nursing upon declaration of intent to start or their seat in the program will be forfeited. 

2. Physical Examination 

Please print the Physical Examination and have a licensed physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant administer the physical exam and complete the report.  This report should be sent directly to the Union College Student Health Office at the address listed on the form. 

3. Additional Forms

Please print, sign and return the following forms to the Division of Nursing's Program Development and Enrollment Counselor. 

Background Consent: Your Union College nursing education will involve both observation and hands-on experience in clinical settings.  Because of this, you are required to undergo background checks.  

Nebraska Adult and Child Abuse/Neglect Registry: In addition to your information, please type the agency information below into the form.   

Agency Name:  Union College Nursing Program

Address:  3800 S. 48th Street Lincoln, NE 68506

Phone Number: 402.486.2524

Fax Number:  402.486.2582

Nursing Program Practice Consent  

4. Certified Background

Federal Background Check, Drug Screen, Immunizations and CPR Certification:  Go to and follow these instructions to complete these requirements. 

Students admitted into the Union College Nursing Program are required to have up-to-date immunizations and current American Heart Association certification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation for Healthcare Providers (no exceptions). If you do not have this specific CPR certification, classes are offered at Union College and may be scheduled through the Division of Nursing at 402.486.2524. An additional fee is required.

5. Additional Personalized Requirements

If any additional personalized requirements are required, they will be stated in your acceptance letter.