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Over the top!

The campaign goal has been met! The building is nearly finished. Thanks to the generosity of our alumni, employees, community and the Mid-America Union constituents, now it's time to go over the top, meeting the needs we didn't expect to be able to include in this campaign.

New gifts received through the remainder of this academic year will be used to purchase technology and scienctific equipment for the facility and to enhance the public areas around the Krueger Center. For more information or to inquire about commemorative opportunities, contact Linda Skinner at liskinne [at] or LuAnn Davis at ludavis [at]

Here are some of the specific needs we're still raising money for as we conclude the Our Promising Future Campaign:

Projection monitors for advanced A&P labs (3)
$800 each
Landscape plots with perennial plantings, various sites
Landscaping trees
$1,000 each
Rooftop decorative planters/trees (5)
$2,500 each
Decorative planters (multiple)
Tribute to Jorgensen Hall display
Naming rights for the biology research lab
Naming rights for the environmental services office
Naming rights for the biology store room
Naming rights for the physics and engineering stockroom

Upper level terrace furnishings

Decorative planters
$1,000 each

Lower east entrance furnishings

Decorative planters

Lower north entrance furnishings

Custom bench seating
Decorative planters (multiple)

How to help

Help put this project Over the Top!  Give a gift online or Contact us to learn how you can be an integral part in math and science education at Union.


By the numbers

  • More than 59 percent of Union students major in fields in or related to maths and sciences
  • All students take science and math as general requirements
  • Over 1700 people have given to the project
  • Approximately 55,000: the square footage of the two-story facility

This slideshow shows a progression of building construction from Spring 2012 through September 2013.

Science and Mathematics: the foundation of the future

  • At Union, classes and labs are taught not by teaching assistants, but by professors, many of whom possess the highest degrees in their fields.
  • Experiential learning is incorporated through experimentation and team-based collaboration to solve multi-disciplinary problems.
  • More than 95 percent of medical school applicants have been accepted into respected medical programs over the last decade.
  • Biology graduates consistently score higher than the national average on the Educational Testing Service major field exam, a standardized test evaluating skills in a student’s major area of study.
  • Students from all disciplines take mathematics and science classes as part of their core curriculum.
  • New technology and research facilities will help retain and attract faculty with a passion for research, enhancing the academic experience for students.

Health care professions to the next level

  • The curriculum of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, established in 1946, reflects a commitment to wholeness, strong values and the well-being of patients.
  • Union’s nursing graduates have consistently higher NCLEX-RN passing rates than the state and national norms.
  • Union recently expanded the annual capacity for nursing program admission in response heightened student interest and an increased need for nurses.
  • Union is expanding enrollment capacity for the physician assistant (PA) master’s program from 75 to 90 students over three years.
  • Union’s PA graduates work in hospitals and private medical practices across the country.
  • The International Rescue and Relief (IRR) program is the first baccalaureate program of its kind in the nation.
  • Union’s IRR program prepares graduates to respond to disaster situations or augment scarcities in underserved areas of the world.

Points of Interest

Southwest View

Northeast View


Class Lab


Research Lab
Blue Prints (PDF files):

Floor Plans

Building features

  • Biology
    • two combination lab/lecture spaces
    • five dedicated laboratory spaces
  • Chemistry
    • five laboratory spaces.
  • Physics and pre-engineering
    • two combination lab/lecture spaces
    • one lab space for modern physics
  • Research Labs
    • Seven research labs for faculty and students to engage in personal research projects
    • Student and teacher interaction
  • Four student commons and study spaces will have seating capacity from five to 24 each
  • Fourteen faculty offices for teacher and student interactions such as advising and tutoring
  • Two configurable classrooms for lecture or team learning
Finianne Umali talks about how Union's teachers are helping her prepare for a medical career, and how a new facility will help them.
Union alumni share how the science program shaped their lives and work.
Dr. Wolfe, Courtney, Michael and Isaac star in a short commercial about the science program at Union College.
Dr. Smith, Union College's former president, shares how the decision was made to build a new science and math facility, and what it will mean for our students and our future.
Both an alumnus and a teacher, Dr. Rose explains how a new facility will help him inspire students at Union College.