PA Program Tuition and Fees


Graduate PA Tuition and Fees

We have an excellent and highly competitive PA program with almost 100% job placement rate within six months of graduation since our PA program began. The average salary starting wage is also significant.

Here's what you can expect to pay for three years of graduate school:

Graduate costs 2017-2018 (tuition & fees) 

Year 1 (two semesters and part-time in the summer) $34,366
Year 2 (two semesters and full-time in the summer) $41,656
Year 3 (two semesters and no summer classes) $27,710


Graduate costs 2016-17 (tuition & fees) 

Year 1 (two semesters and part-time in the summer) $33,512
Year 2 (two semesters and full-time in the summer) $39,995
Year 3 (two semesters and no summer classes) $27,024

Tuition costs vary between years because of summer class requirements. Tuition changes each year, usually between 3-5%. Cost is $996/credit hour or the flat rate above.

For undergraduate and pre-PA studies costs, click here

Things to know

To get financial clearance, follow the financial checklist. Note: If you get accepted into the Physician Assistant Program, you do not need to pay the $100 confirmation deposit. 

Free parking. Just register your vehicle to park on campus.

Per credit cost is $997. 

Payment plan. Most graduate students take out enough student loans to cover their cost of living. However, if you would like to make a monthly payment plan while in school, you can. 

Refund policy. The policies and procedures for refunds of tuition and fees may be found in the Union College Bulletin, page 17. 

Housing. College apartments are available, on space available basis, to married students, students who are parents, or students 22 years of age or older. We are also in a residential section of town with many housing options available. 

Union Market. Union College's dining hall offers a wide variety of options sure to please any palette. Food is charged by weight. If you would like to have a meal plan in Union Market, the cost is $250 per semester and you will receive a 20% discount every time you make a purchase in Union Market. If you go without a meal plan, you can still buy food by paying with cash, debit or credit card at the cashier. 

Potential Additional Costs

Books and supplies: You can buy books through our bookstore, online or from friends. Often times books are cheaper rented or used.

If it's your first year in the program, we recommend budgeting $2,400 for books and $1,500 for equipment and using the campus bookstore to ensure you're getting the correct books and equipment the first time.  

Health insurance: All full-time students (12 credits or more) are required to have health insurance. You'll need to provide proof of insurance at registration, or you can purchase plans through Union College for about $1,300 per year. You can also purchase semester or summer policies.

Plans are available for spouses and dependants; rates for international students may differ.

The fine print

Union College reserves the right to make changes to any provision or requirement at any time with particular reference to admission, registration, tuition and fees, financial aid and scholarship programs.