Plant Service

Photo of plant services working

Location: Plant Service is located on the East end of the Don Love Building and provides grounds, custodial and maintenance service to campus.

Phone: 402.486.2536

Fax: 402.486.2541

Weekend Emergency: 402.486.2636  Weekend:  Friday Noon-Monday 8 AM


Custodial (402.486.2600, ext. 2391)

Namesort descending Title Location Extension Email
Lori Brasuell Photo of Lori Brasuell Plant Services Director of Custodial Dick Building 204-A 2391

Plant Services (402.486.2536)

Namesort descending Title Location Extension Email
Adam Schaecher Photo of Adam Schaeder Mechanic Love Building 402.486.25436
Bruce Bottsford Photo of Bruce Bottsford Plant Services Maintenance Love Building 2536
Kevin Carter Grounds Supervisor Love Building 402.486.2536
Matthew Fredregill Electrician Love Building 2536
Patty Moyle Photo of Patty Moyle Plant Service Office Manager Love Building 2536
Paul Jenks Photo of Paul Jenks Director of Plant Services Love Building 2536
Roger Binder Photo of Roger Binder Heating Plant Supervisor Love Building 2536
Scott McIntosh Photo of Scott McIntosh Painter Love Building 2536
Tom Simons Picture of Tom Simons Plumber Love Building 2536
Wilson Hardy Photo of Wilson Hardy Plant Services Electrician Love Building 2536