Praxis II Test Scores

Praxis II Test Scores for Education 2013/2014 Graduates Union College


Test title

Desired minimum score 

Number taking exam 

Score range 

Score median 

Score mode

Score mean 

Elementary Education Curriculum & Instruction 

159 6 135-183 170 183 165
Chemistry Content
157 1 157-157 *N/A *N/A *N/A
Chemistry Content
145 2 127-138 *N/A *N/A *N/A

Music Content Knowledge 

167 1 171-171 *N/A *N/A *N/A
Physical Education Content
155 1 165-165 *N/A *N/A *N/A
Religious Education Content
3 86-87 87 87 87
Social Studies Content
162-170 *N/A *N/A *N/A


 The Union College Education program does not have a set pass score for the Praxis II exam, only a desired minimum score to allow students to gage their degree of content knowledge and to judge their needs in the professional development realm. The scores and the detail of the exams are reviewed by the faculty of each content area for patterns of excellence and improvement opportunities. Adjustments to the curriculum are made as indicated by this analysis. 

 *Scores not reported since not enough students took the test to be able to calculate a value. 

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