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Recent Articles

Photo of the Trana family.
Union welcomes Trana as VP for Financial Administration

After three months of searching, Union College welcomes Steve Trana as vice president for Financial Administration. Trana accepted the job after a two-week interview process involving campus committees and the Board of Trustees. He will take the reins of the Office of Financial Administration on December 5, just in time to finish the fall semester.

U.S.News ranks Union one of America's best colleges

In its annual comparison of colleges, U.S. News has once again designated Union College one of America's "Best Colleges." This year, Union is ranked number 32 in its category of Midwestern colleges. This is the eleventh consecutive year Union has earned a spot on the publication's top-tier.

How did I get here? I followed my wife. And God.

Fall 2012—I found myself transitioning from self employment to a postdoctoral research position at the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Gainesville, Fla., as my wife, Corraine, finished her doctoral studies at the University of Florida.

Buell Fogg—who’s name is synonomous with Union College and Friday night cinnamon rolls, retired this summer. But his friendly smile and boisterous greeting will still welcome students across campus.
Cinn-onymous with Union

When Union sent me an official acceptance letter, I called my friend who attended Union at the time and drilled her on all I needed to know as an incoming freshman.

“You have to have Instagram,” she said. “And everyone goes to Buell’s house on Friday nights, so you have to go.”

“Who’s Buell?” I asked.

Photo of Forty-niners Athletic Field
Making A Mark

Every graduating class wants to leave their mark on campus, and some classes found a uniquely memorable ways to do so. Starting with a lilac bush in 1894, most classes left something to make the campus better. In our humble opinion, these are the seven most memorable class gifts from Union’s 125-year history.

(Note: In some cases, several classes gave a similar gift or an updated gift, so we grouped those together.)