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Alumni News

For alumni news to be included in CORDmagazine, please visit the following pages:

Campus News

What qualifies as campus news? The following examples list ideas of newsworthy topics. Please fill out the form below or contact Ryan Teller, director of public relations, with information about any of these items.

Faculty/staff accomplishments

articles published, conferences attended, off-campus presentations, academic and civic organizations, awards and recognition

Student accomplishments

awards, research projects, jobs, internships

Department and service center details

new classes, new equipment, high job placement, outstanding national test results, creative class projects, survey results, new services

Personnel changes

new hires, department transfers

Grants, gifts and awards

Foot Clinic funding, education technology grant, TLC assistive technology grant, microlab computer gifts-in-kind

Human interest stories

student chooses Union to stay true to Sabbath, four generations attend Union, staff member runs in a marathon, student group performs for off-campus event, students participate in disaster relief, random acts of kindness numerous student-led ministries, volunteer projects, on-campus worship avenues