Photo of student reading the bible in CVA chapel.

experience a greater purpose

God’s presence is what changes us and the world we live in— one day and one person at a time.

Whether mentoring young people as a pastor or teacher, shepherding a congregation, leading others in Christian service or getting involved in online ministry, you can prepare to follow God’s calling.

When you embark on this mission, get ready to walk with and lead others on a powerful spiritual journey.

Experience The Difference

True education goes beyond book work and test scores. At Union, we believe true education involves the whole person—physical, mental, social and spiritual—and is founded on God as the source of all true knowledge.

This Christ-centered approach to education prepares students for useful, joy-filled lives, fosters friendship with God and lays a foundation of Bible-based values for selfless service to the world. That is the Union difference.

What our alumni are saying ...
Tyson Kahler
Photo of Tyson Kahler

2014 graduate—now a pastor in the Minnesota Conference

“Now that I am a full-time pastor, my semester internship at Andover church in Minnesota has proven to be my number one reference when making decisions and ministering to members. I am better equipped for ministry because of my field experience. Ultimately, I feel that my calling from God was reaffirmed several times over during my off-campus internship.”

Mic and Tori Henton
Photo of Mic and Tori Henton and daughter Eden

2009 graduates—now pastors at the Lee’s Summit and Kingsville churches near Kansas City, Mo.

“Our education at Union has helped us tackle many theological questions that church members have, given us practical skills to develop outreach programs and prepared us for leadership roles and loving others where they are. The theology, pastoral care and Bible study work we learned at Union College have all been a huge support and part of our ministry for the last five years. We believe that you can never be fully prepared through only academics, but they have given us a strong foundation to face the new challenges of managing the church and loving the people.”

Anna Romuald
Photo of Anna Romuald

2012 graduate—now assistant pastor of a church in Minneapolis, Minn., and assistant young adult director for the Minnesota Conference

“Beyond the theology and training I received through my coursework, my real preparation began with the professors who invested in me to be successful and effective in ministry once I graduated. It began in an environment where the demand for relevancy and practical application launched our theological training into something greater than just head knowledge.”