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Prospective Students

Do you feel that God is calling you to serve him as a pastor or a Bible teacher? Learn about how the Religion Division's dedicated, Christian faculty can help guide you along your spiritual journey, so that you, in turn, can guide others.

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Mission and Goals

The Religion Division is committed to empowering its students to serve Christ and lead others to Him, while helping them develop a deeply-rooted relationship of their own with God.

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Majors and Minors

Students of Union's Religion Division can get degrees in religion, theology and religious education, and emphases in youth ministries, missions, Biblical languages, and more.

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International Evangelism

Jesus told His disciples to "Take the gospel to the whole world." As His modern-day disciples, we have the same commission. Union College students have gone on mission trips to Indonesia, Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and many other places around the world.

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The Division of Religion promotes spirituality in every aspect of campus life and offers the opportunity for training in Christian leadership to as many students as possible. Its focus extends beyond those majoring in theology or religion as academic disciplines and enriches the lives of all who come under its influence.

Our goal is to bring people close to the Lord Jesus. We believe that contact with Him is what changes lives. All we do centers around Him.