Social Work

Photo of student volunteering at food bank.

experience influence for good

Social workers are people who care about people. They use their influence to relieve suffering and make a difference through their work. That’s what makes becoming a social worker appealing.

By diagnosing and treating mental, behavioral and emotional issues as a clinical social worker or helping people solve and cope with problems in their everyday lives as a direct-service worker, social workers are agents of change for individuals, families and communities.

Social work is more than a profession—it’s a ministry and a calling to use your influence for good.

Experience The Fast Track To Grad School

The social work program at Union is accredited through the nationally recognized Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). This nationally recognized accreditation means students completing a Bachelor of Social Work can enter graduate school with advanced standing. You may be able to complete your Master of Social Work degree in less time than you think.

Study social work at Union and get on the fast track to grad school!

What our alumni are saying ...
Kylie Lowe
Photo of Kylie Lowe.

2012 graduate—now a family specialist at Cedars Home for Children in Lincoln, Neb., and grad student

“As part of my education at Union, I completed a nine-month internship at Cedars, a leading child welfare agency just down the street from Union. I now work as a social worker there and love it! Experience is everything. My bachelor’s degree means so much with my practicum and experience in my field—which Union helped provide.”

Salvador Armendariz
Photo of Salvador Armendariz

2008 graduate—now a research assistant at Butler Institute for Families in Denver, Colo.

“Studying social work at Union provided all I needed to succeed in entry-level jobs in the social work field, as well as in competitive MSW programs. The professors were accessible, personable and involved in my academic career. I especially appreciated the balance between their knowledge of clinical social work interventions and macro interventions such as community organization and policy advocacy.”

Amy Widicker Thom
Photo of Amy Widicker Thom

2009 graduate—now a licensed clinical social worker at Northland PACE in Bismarck, N. D.

“My social work supervisor at Union was an instrumental part of my educational journey. He spent countless conversations listening to my dreams of working with our elderly population, encouraging me in these goals and helping to create rich practicum experiences for me. He encouraged me to continue my education, which motivated me to earn my master’s degree in social work and pursue a job I love.”