International Volunteers and Task Force

Alissa Simons in AustriaAudrey Hatfield in SpainBelle Kuo in Brazil

Union College has an active international volunteer and task force program. Each year many students take time off from their formal education and spend a year of their life in service to others. They love to hear from home, so find a volunteer to contact and drop them a line sometime. Contact uc.missions [at] if you have any questions.


Current Volunteers

Kimberly Palit Majuro
Samuel Dinzey Pohnpei
James Gilley Pohnpei
Danny Diaz Pohnpei
Caleb Haakenson Pohnpei
Braden Bruce Pohnpei
Austin Burke Honduras
Tayler Butler Honduras
Katie Turk Honduras
Alisha Mechalke Honduras
Nicole Muehlberg  Tanzania
Sophie Clark Palawan
Sara Allman Guinea
Jennifer Reich Dominican Republic
Angie Pierre-Louis Dominican Republic
Lindsay Danielle Fandrick Bolivia
Dale Ang Zambia
Seth Moturi Lebanon 
Sterling Cornwell Kenya
William Turk  England
Sable Kessler Austria
 Holly Sheese Egypt
Daisy Alvarez Chuuk
Camilyn Clayville  Cambodia
Task Force
Angie Onyangore Rio Lindo Adventist Academy Healdsburg, CA