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Spotlight on Ricky

Picture of Ricky Amimo

Ricky Amimo, junior pre-PA major from Kenya

Ricky believes Union is preparing him to treat his future patient's spiritual ailments, as well as physical, in his career as a health care provider.

Spotlight on Alexandra

Alexandra Wilson, junior biomedical science major from Massachusetts

This Bostonian was surprised to find how much everyone at Union cared about her even when they first met.

Spotlight on David

Picture of David Kabanje

David Kabanje, junior social work and theology major from California

David has appreciated the diversity he has found in America's heartland—in both people and achitecture.

Spotlight on Sierra

Picture of Sierra Clark

Sierra Clark, sophomore English major from Kansas

Sierra feels she has learned a lot about herself at Union, and can now see things in new ways as God works in her life.

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