New Student Orientation Guide

(Click here to download PDF)

Don't wait until you're here to start learning about life at Union College and in Lincoln. Start reading the New Student Guide here! (Look for the checkmark icons, which are things you must complete.) Here are some particularly helpful sections: 

  • p. 2          Schedule (what to expect from your first week and orientation)
  • p. 4          Portal (accessing it lets you see financial details, register for classes and much more) 
  • p. 6          ACT test (register to take it on Sunday, Aug. 17 and possibly increase your scholarship)
  • p. 9          Financial steps (how to complete them now to save time later)
  • p. 10        Registration guide (you can complete most of your registration online starting mid-July)
  • p. 26        Packing (things you should and shouldn’t pack for the residence halls)

We have a few things planned for you at the start of orientation (see p. 26).

Transfer Students:
Be sure to note your information about orientation and registration (see p. 10). 

International Students:
Make sure you've done everything on your international checklist (see p. 36).