Student Housing

Photo of students studying together in dorm rooms.

Both at Union and colleges and universities nationwide, students who live on campus are tend to get better grades, feel more connected to campus life, and take fewer years to finish their degree. Because of the connection between residence halls and success in college, Union requires younger students not living with their parents to live on campus.

Policy for 21 and 22+ year olds living in the dorm: Dorm Incentive Package

Women's Residence Hall: Rees

Donene Caster-Braithwaite
Dean of Women
docaster [at]
Emily McFadyen
Assistant Dean of Women
emmcfady [at]

photo of girls dorm room

Rees Hall Handbook (PDF)

Men's Residence Halls: Culver and Prescott

Doug Tallman 
Dean of Men
dotallma [at]
Ron Dodds 
Assistant Dean of Men
rododds [at]

photo of boys dorm room

See the handbook for the men's residence halls (PDF).

Information for Village Students and Campus Residents

Non-Residence Hall information and forms:

  • General information regarding living outside the Residence Halls
  • Applications and Forms
  • Service Requests
  • Notification forms
  • Available rental units
  • Contact information

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