Spotlight on David

Picture of David
Lincoln, NE
Biomedical Science/ Emphasis in Writing and Speaking/Minor in Chemistry

Three things I'm passionate about

  •  Music
  • Science
  • My hometown

What surprised me about Union

Frankly, I was unsure that such a small school could have good quality programs and professors. However, since I have been here, I have been challenged and have grown so much- both academically and personally- due to the high quality of my classes and professors. 

How I make Union my school

Union is my school not only because I grew up here, but also because the college community has become a second family to me.  There is a different atmosphere at Union than there is at any other college I have been to. My professors not only care about how I do in their classes, but they care about me personally. I know I could talk with any one of them about a personal issue, and that is a truly unique aspect of Union's education.

How Union is preparing me for the future

Union is preparing me for the future by going above and beyond requirements. Medicine is highly competitive, and one needs to know various subjects to do well on the MCAT. However, my professors always go above and beyond the expectations, teaching concepts more in-depth than what is required. Because of this, I feel extremely confident in the education I am receiving here at Union. I know my program is preparing me to exceed expectations not only here at Union, but later in my career. 

Reasons to love Lincoln

There are so many reasons to love Lincoln! Lincoln is not a big city, so I do not compare it to other big cities. However, it is big enough to have a lot of amenities, and small enough to avoid the problems you encounter with larger cities. Most students do not know that over 1.8 billion dollars is being invested in Lincoln's downtown area- right now! Downtown Lincoln has the largest concentration of restaurants in the city, a new arena, and an expanded entertainment district- all of which provide lots of ideas for a Saturday night out. Most of Lincoln's treasures are not advertised on billboards. However, after living my whole life here, I still not run out of things to do.

You should definitely take a class from....

I think everyone should take a class from Dr. Clark. Dr. Clark taught me General Chemistry my first year and is not only knowledgeable, but a fantastic teacher. Dr. Clark has a wonderful gift for taking difficult concepts and simplifying them into ideas that anyone can understand. As if that were not enough, Dr. Clark lives a lift permeated with Jesus. In the classroom, in the lab, and in personal contact, Dr. Clark has always shown the Spirit of Jesus to his students. 

My advice to new students:

Don't overload yourself. Healthy life is about balance. You need to balance your brain-time with relaxation and body-time. If you don't, burnout can set in very fast. However, if you manage your time well, simply your life, and make time for yourself, you will be able to do well in school and have a great time as well.