Spotlight on Inonge

Picture of Inonje
Loma Linda, CA
Social Work with a Psychology Minor

Three things I'm passionate about

  • Volunteering
  • Reading
  • Being involved on campus

What surprised me about Union

What really surprised me about Union was how much there is to do and get involved in and how easy it is to do it.

How Union is preparing me for the future

My career is based on service and helping others.  Union is overwhelmingly service oriented, giving me a chance to look and see what I do or do not like and all the different ways I can tailor my career.

Reasons to love Lincoln

I know it sounds strange but even in a small town there are still plenty of fun activities to do. It has been three years and I am still discovering fun things downtown. Also, because Lincoln is small it gives you a better chance for internships. Honestly, there are not many people to compete with and then your resume looks great.

You should definitely take a class from...

I think that everyone should take a writing course from Tanya Cochran. She is an amazing writer and she knows how to teach you to like writing. I honestly thought it was impossible to get me to love research but the woman can work miracles! She has a passion that radiates to her students. I think that you should take a class from Linda Becker, specifically Creative Leadership. There is no better way to learn about leadership and responsiblites on campus. She knows her stuff. Plus, she is a classy lady.

My advice to new students:

  1. Put God First- If you make God the center of your life, He will take it from there and you do not have to worry. God knows how to have fun.
  2. Get to know yourself- College is a wonderful time where you are constantly changing. Your ideals and values are becoming shaped by your experiences. It is really important to be purposeful about knowing who you are as an individual. This comes in handy as you get into relationships and start working.
  3. Get Involved- I cannot stress this enough. College is what you make it and statistics have shown that people have a better liking for college when they are involved in all sorts of activities. Go join a club (or two or three) or start one. Join campus ministries and help the community, join ASB and help serve your fellow students. Put yourself out there! You will thank me later.
  4. Prioritize- As much fun as it is to do everything and be independent, do not forget that your parents, or even you, are paying $27,000 to go to school here. That money does not come easy. Put your mind to your academics because that is the main reason you are here. If you are having trouble, do not be embarrased to go look for help. There are endless resources on our campus such as career testing, couseling and tutoring. Utilize your resources.