Spotlight on Shannice

Picture of Shannice Baker
Loma Linda, CA
International Rescue and Relief: Pre-Medical Studies

Three things I'm passionate about

  • Foriegn Aid
  • Medicine
  • Healthy living and Exercise

What surprised me about Union

What suprised me is how helpful the faculty and staff are. Every single person I have met has been very friendly. The teachers are not merely concerned about the student's performance inside of the classroom, but also without. It is easy to form meaningful bonds with the your professors who are filled with wisdom and knowledge. This statement does not exclude the president of the college. It is normal for students to enjoy lunch with the president.

How I make Union my school

I made many friends at Union and I stick by them. I know that they will be my friends way past our college careers. I am always active in school. I support Union whereever I go because I truely enjoy being a student there. From the spiritual foundation to the variety of friendly students and staff, Union has something for everyone. If everyone were to take the time and look at what Union has to offer, like I did, they would realize Union can be their school as well.

How Union is preparing me for the future

The IRR program is a fantastic way to prepare me for the future. The faculty are passionate in every division, and Union offers numerous opportunities to practice leadership and service on campus and in the community. I have been able to obtain many certifications that allow me to have hands on experience in the medical field. I have been able to teach many public health topics and spearhead clinics and many other programs because of the education I have recieved at Union. Union has already opened many doors for me as a student, and will continue to open many more in my future as well.

Reasons to love Lincoln

It is a big town with a small town feel. Although Union is located in Nebraska there is stuff to do. I visited Lincoln saying, "What's in Nebraska?" However, I left in awe of the city and school. All the essential items are within walking distance for students that do not have cars. Many adventist schools do not have that luxury. There are scenic bike paths throughout Lincoln, and well kept secrets of other entertainment. You sometimes have to be creative, ambitious, or adventurous to find these secrets but, there are many things to discover. If you do not feel like searching, whatever you can not find in Lincoln can be found somewhere nearby.

You should definitely take a class from

Dr. Russel You can tell for the time he says hello that he is overflowing with knowledge. If you are willing to listen and learn, or engage in a discussion, he is willing to teach. He is able to make the class interesting and stimulating. Dr. Russel has mastered the balance of lectures, homework, and tests. He is able to read the feedback of each class and respond as needed. 

My advice to new students

Sleep, but study also. Set a time that you will not break. At least try to stop studying and go to sleep by that time. Sleeping helps lock in all the information you studied. I feel that I always do better when I sleep before a test. I am never more prepared because I pulled an all-nighter. All-nighters are okay, but not ideal. Do not procrastinate, and you will not have to stay up late stressing. It is also very important to enjoy college. I threw myself into studies. It was all work and little play for me. Now that I am almost done with college I realize I have almost missed out on forming the memories for cliché reminiscing about college. When I think about college I think about my study groups, late nights, and many stressful moments I had. It was not until I promised myself one FULL day of not studying did I feel like I was making the memories I wanted. College is not only about getting a degree, it is also about making connections and memories that will last a life time. They might also help further you in your career as well. My special day was Sabbath. This included Saturday night. I would do anything I wanted to do, but study. Your mind and body need breaks. Either you give it to them or they will take it for themselves.