Across the Unionverse: Becky Daniel

What is the value of an Adventist education? Or any higher education for that matter? That's a question Becky Daniel, director of enrollment marketing, gets asked all the time. In this podcast, hosts Scott Cushman and Emily Wood explore the subject with her, plus plenty of side excursions onto related topics.  Some cliff notes include:

The value of a small Christian college: 

  • College connects you to people—friends, mentors and relationships—that can be your core network for the rest of your life.
  • You have a better chance of getting the on-campus job that provides you with critical work experience for your resume.
  • The environment you will be in for the next four years really does make a big difference on who you will become.
  • Private colleges often offer more scholarships than community or state universities. 
  • If you love history and math, you should choose a math major for greater job security.
  • You will be taught by the professors if you’re an undergrad or graduate student. (A lot of state university undergraduate classes are taught by teacher assistants—not the college professor.)
  • College is more than a degree. It’s an opportunity to decide for yourself how you live your life, who you will associate with and how relevant God will be in your daily experience. 


  • Be involved in your campus, know your professors, make a new friend and show up to class.