Picture of Debbie Eno
Full title: 
Nursing Faculty
Health Complex
Room Number: 
deeno [at] ucollege [dot] edu
Work Phone: 
Division of Nursing - 402.486.2524
Job Description: 

I am passionate about teaching here at Union College. I have been a faculty member here is 2003 and thoroughly enjoy my lived experience here.

Currently I am teaching Evidence-based Practice and I enjoy the adventure of new information. 

Academic Background: 

I graduated from Union College with my BSN. Next I graduated with my MSN from the University of Phoenix. My post graduate education track took me through the Certified Nurse Educator program at the University of Northern Colorado.

Professional Background: 

I started my nursing career at Bryan Hospital on the Orthopedic Unit. After that I worked as a traveling nurse. I had multiple assignments in Medical Surgical nursing in Maine, Arizona, California, Wisconsin, and Nebraska. My journey then led me here to Union College. And so the story continues . . .


 “Flipping the Classroom” at Union College instructional technology day, May 2014


My husband is Alan Eno. He teaches at UNL in the College of Journalism and Mass Communication. In his spare time he does freelance graphic design. You can view his work at