Photo of Michelle Velazquez Mesnard
Full title: 
Chair of the Division of Humanities
Associate Professor of Communication
Dick Building
Room Number: 
mimesnar [at] ucollege [dot] edu
Work Phone: 
Personal Phone: 
Division of Humanities - 402.486.2523
Job Description: 


Michelle Velazquez Mesnard is an associate professor of communication. 

Academic Background: 


While at Pacific Union College, she completed her masters degree in public relations at Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

Campus & Community Involvement: 
  • Co-Coordinator, The Quest for Calling Program
  • Youth leader and Sound Engineer, New Creation Community
Professional Background: 


Before she was a proud member of the Union College staff, Michelle spent four years as the director of public relations at Pacific Union College in Angwin, California. Then, twelve years ago, she and her family left sunny California for the freezing cold winters of Nebraska. They are now Nebraskans through and through.

Personal Information: 


Michelle's hobbies include reading (which is why she is a part of a great book club), crocheting and knitting, and being a mom. She is married to Mike Mennard, a communication/English professor at Union College and a kids song writer and musician with the Mighty Magic Pants. They have a 15-year-old son named Ramsey, who is an amazing guitar player. The thing she loves most in the world is hanging out with her family.

Michelle and her husband, Mike, have spent the last 25 years researching what they call "The Chummy Effect: The secret to brand loyalty." They love to share their theory and are working toward writing a book about it.